How It Works

Your Fan Prints - How it Works


START YOUR STORE (general information)

Provide us with some information (complete the online START YOUR STORE form) about your group, design needs, and approximately how many shirts or sweatshirts you plan on selling.  You will have the option two choose from two different shipping options (see below)
A. SHIP BULK Your store orders will ship "BULK" to you for distribution.  Shipping will be FREE.  The LIST of ORDERS will be E-MAILED to you for distribution of the shirts.
B. SHIP DIRECT Your store orders will be SORTED, PACKED, BAGGED and SHIPPED to each group member home address.  There will be a small $6.99 shipping fee for t-shirt orders and $11.99 shipping fee for sweatshirt orders.  
PRICING INFO Your prices per shirt will be determined by your estimated order quantity.  What if my store sales are less than my estimated quantity?  You have three options.  1.  You can extend the store due date to collect more orders.  2.  You can pay the difference.  3.  You can cancel your orders.  


Promote your store.  We'll send you a link to your store so you can let your group know that the store is open for business!


Your group can order their custom apparel online and hassle-free 24/7.  No more paper forms and manual cash collection.


Once your flash sale is over, we will begin producing your garments.  You will receive your apparel in 2-3 weeks.