How do I create an online store?

Simply go to the Start Your Store tab on the website and complete the Start Your Fan Prints Store online form.  Once we receive your completed form, we’ll get back to you shortly (via email) to discuss the details of your store set-up.  After you have selected and finalized your chosen store type and designs, we’ll setup your store.  Your store will be open and ready for sales.


How much does it cost to create a custom online store?

Creating a Your Fan Prints online store is free.  We’ll stock your store with merchandise free of charge.  You can also choose from any of our free preset design templates, or send us your own (no charge).


How do shoppers/fans place an online order?

Your fans go online and find their store.  They can find it by going to either the Schools and Teams tab or the Organizations tab.  Once they find it, they can browse the products for sale, select them, add them to their cart, pay via credit card, and complete their purchase.  A message will be displayed letting your fans/shoppers know that their order was placed and that their items will be shipped to the store’s administrator. 



When can we expect to receive our apparel?

Once the sale is over, Your Fan Prints will begin producing your products.  All items will be shipped to the store administrator in approximately 2-3 weeks.  Please note that items may be shipped in multiple batches.


How do I know who ordered what products?

After your online sale is over, Your Fan Prints will provide you with an itemized list (PDF file) of who ordered what.   


Is shipping free?

All products are shipped to the store’s administrator free of charge.       


Can we use our own logo or design?

Yes.  You can attach a file of your logo to the Start Your Fan Prints Store online form. 


Can we personalize our items with names and numbers?

Yes.  Products that can be customized with names and numbers, will have an option to select them for an additional fee.


What is the minimum order?

HOLIDAY BLANKET STORE:  Minimum order is 24 blankets.

TEAM SPIRIT STORE:  Minimum order is 12 garments.

HOLIDAY STORE:  Minimum order is 12 garments.


How long is my online store open?

We typically suggest keeping your store open for approximately 2 weeks. 


Can I use my Your Fan Prints store as a fundraiser?

Yes.  If you would like raise funds for your organization and use your store as a fundraiser, simply check the fundraising option (yes) on the Start Your Fan Prints Store online form.  You can specify a ($) per item markup that you'd like to make.   Once your sale is over, you will receive your rebate check in the mail.


When will I receive my fundraising rebate check?

If you opted to use your online store as a fundraiser, we will issue you your rebate check approximately 3 weeks after delivery of your items.


Is there a way for me to track my online sales?

At the end of the first week of your sale (half way through the two week sale period), Your Fan Prints will send you an email notifying you of how many sales your store has made.